Bobbin Pipe Usage

Spindle pipes in different industries must be presented into customer, as roll. They are used in industries, producing nylon, banner &flexi, shrink, thread& bobbin, stuff and… .

Spindle Pipe Usage

Bobbin Pipe Usage

Bobbin Pipes are used in different industries according to their size and type ...

Nylon Producers

Our suggestion into producers- attempting in industry of producing nylon- is using PVC spindle pipes, against paper ones, because their less weight and longer life time increase efficiency of your production. This good make exporting benefit for final production, in addition to higher strength and suitable price.

Shrink Producers

Our suggestion into producers of shrink is using PVC spindle pipes, against cardboard and paper ones, because less weight and longer life of PVC pipes shall increase efficiency of your products.

Thread & Bobbin Producers

Using spindle PVC pipes has been common, since last years. Now, when these productions are presented into market, using spindle pipes-being produced by recycled materials-it is better option against other ones, using other kinds of these pipes for presenting into market.

Stuff Producers

A discussion- being always about produced stuff roll in textile industry- is about ease of movement and transporting in using them, so that, PVC spindle pipes are better options, as a result of less weight, in comparison to other ones. Also, these productions are reusable. This characteristic makes a considerable difference against to its cardboard and paper kinds.

Banner & Flexi Producers

Spindle PVC pipes have less weight, longer lifetime and desired price, in comparison to paper ones. In accordance with benefits of spindle PVC pipes, against paper ones, using them shall be accordingly more logical and efficient.

Vatan Gostardeh Iranian Company has produced PVC spindle pipes, using recycled materials, since 2002. In addition to suitable price, these goods are produced, in accordance with high quality standards of production. PVC spindle pipes are desired options for paper spindle pipes, in comparison to paper ones.

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